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Press Brakes / Metal Folding

Press Brakes / Metal Folding with Salamander

One of the most important steps in the sheet metal fabrication process is the metal folding stage. This is the part of the project where the 2D sheet metal turns into 3D objects. By carefully bending the sheet metal we can create products that meet the needs of any project. In order to bend and fold the sheet metal we work with, we utilise CNC press brake machinery.

Sheet metal folding using aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steels or mild steel, among other materials is often just one process of several that we carry out here at Salamander Fabrications in the process of creating metal sheet fabrications. In most projects, it is preceded by laser cutting or metal punching operations and followed by welding and assembly.

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Facts About Our Press Brakes / Metal Folding

  • At Salamander, we utilise laminating techniques, which allow us to make our own bespoke tooling, improving cost-effectiveness and allowing for more bespoke solutions.
  • The knowledge and expertise we have within the technical team allows us to advise our clients on both standard tooling and bespoke options.
  • We offer both Amada and Bystronic press brakes, allowing us to improve our programming quality and speed.
  • By utilising modern software and the specialist skills of team members, we can ensure that our projects can be carried out as quickly as possible, reducing lead times for our customers.
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Our Technology & Advanced Folding Machinery

At Salamander, we’re passionate about driving our business forward with new technologies and increasing our folding capacity. We use four CNC press brakes including a 4.2-metre bed with a 180-tonne capacity for our projects. We also have a wide range of tooling to produce very accurate results.

The intricacy of the components we make can range from small pieces with a single bend to larger segments with a wide variety of metal bending methods used – for example, three-point bending, rotary bending, a range of bend angles, radius bend techniques and multiple flange lengths. Our team has the necessary expertise and equipment needed to provide services to a huge range of sectors, in all aspects of sheet metal folding service projects, including but not limited to:

  • Kiosk & Vending
  • Security & Construction
  • Retail & Leisure
  • Transportation
  • Science & Food

We also have extensive in-house expertise which means that we are also able to manufacture our own tooling for special bend radii, reducing the lead times of our more complex projects significantly. We also take great care in the planning stage of our projects, providing full 3D simulations of the bending and sheet metal folding process.

Working with Salamander Fabrications

At Salamander, we understand the challenges that many of our customers face when looking for a trusted partner to carry out their sheet metal fabrication projects. We’re passionate about providing amazing customer service and fantastic products all in one. Since 1968, we’ve been creating top-of-the-line products for a massive range of sectors, including transportation, security, retail, leisure and many more, resulting in a loyal customer base who know they can rely on our team to provide them with quality products, quick turnaround and amazing value, every time.

Unlike many sheet metal fabricators, we offer every single stage of our service right here in our Huddersfield home, from CAD design and laser cutting right the way through to powder coating and electromagnetic assembly. We never outsource any of our work, and instead prefer to invest in our team of in-house fabricators, to help them improve their skills and expand the technologies that we work with on a regular basis.

Our customer service and sales team are also committed to excellence in everything they do. From start to finish, you’ll be kept updated on the status of your project, and you can expect transparency and expertise at every turn. We’re proud to offer the very best in customer care here at Salamander, as we know that it’s key to building long-lasting, positive customer relationships.


What is Metal Folding, and How do Press Brakes Work?

Metal folding can be used to create a huge range of products. Metal folding is used to refer to a range of bending applications, which means that it can be used to create enclosures, boxes and more.

The process of metal folding and bending is usually done using a press brake machine, which exerts high tensile strengths and shear forces to bend sheet metal into the exact shape required, as established by the original project drawings. The latest press brake machinery is still the most common method of accurate metal folding as they can often handle a broader range of material thicknesses. The majority of press brake machines contain a hydraulic ram with an upper punch that presses metal into a lower die to create the curves, shapes, and angles set out in the original CAD design. All of our press brakes are computer-controlled, with the help of CNC technology.

A CNC machine processes a piece of material to meet specifications by following a coded programmed instruction. When using CNC machining, it’s so important to have a strong design in place and accurate instructions to the machines that reflect that design. At Salamander, we’ll use advanced 3D CAD CAM systems including SOLIDWORKS 3D design systems to create high-quality, in-depth designs and technical drawings. All of this information ensures that your machine is using the right bending angles, bend allowance, bend radius and bend relief, based on the sheet metal thickness being used. Using CAD design processes also allows us to save and generate designs again and again for batch production if required, and allows us to store all of the designs we create and implement for repeated use.

Once the sheet metal has been pressed, creating the shapes and angles that are required, most projects will move into welding, to secure the parts and ensure that the design keeps its shape without bending, warping or damage.

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