By Embryo

Welcoming New AMADA Press Brake

We are currently updating our machinery throughout the whole company here at Salamander, in a bid to ensure we are constantly up to date and providing easy-to-use software & machines for our employees. One of the newest additions to our ever-growing machine list is the Amada press brake. Amada have been a leader in the production of precision press brakes for over 40 years and have installed more than 80,000 machines worldwide. 

There wasn’t much competition in the pipeline when we were searching for a new machine, Amada offered installation, training on both the machine & software and flexibility these factors alongside us already having a good working relationship with the company, meant it was an easy decision to commission the new machine from them. 

Our new press brake allows high level, cost-effective production whilst also being low maintenance and easy to use. With an extensive choice of tonnages and beam lengths, there is a variant to suit a wider range of requirements which means we are now readily able to tackle a wider breadth of projects.

If you would like to find out how we can meet your needs in regards to anything from metal bending to laser cutting, then please get in touch.

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