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Salamander in the Transportation Sector

Sheet metal fabrication uses sheet metal as the raw material to construct a range of different products and structures. There are many different industries that rely on sheet metal fabrication, including the transportation sector, which utilises thousands of different products made using metal fabrication. Sheet metal fabrication is carried out across the globe; however at Salamander we are proud to be born and bred in the UK and the quality of our products is a testament to that. We fabricate everything in house which means that you are guaranteed a quality product made by our team of fabricators, right here in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.


Popular Applications for Sheet Metal Fabrication in the Transportation Sector

Through metal fabrication, a number of industries including transportation have become more efficient and safer. We use the sheet metal fabrication process to create a wide range of functions to help keep the transportation sector moving, even in adverse conditions.

Some of the most common applications for sheet metal fabrication in the transportation sector include:


Vehicle Construction

There are a huge number of parts that go into the manufacture of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, buses and train carriages. Metal fabrication is an excellent method for creating parts both large and small to go into vehicle construction due to its high level of customisation and flexibility. Surrounds to encapsulate parts such as vehicle screens, bumpers and radiator grills are all made using metal fabrication techniques, which help to make vehicles safer for operators and the public.

Vehicle Conversions

Emergency vehicles don’t start out life as a fully-fledged, all singing all dancing Fire Engine, Ambulance or Police car straight off the production line, and neither do grocery delivery vans! Normal everyday transits, cars & trucks need to be converted to suit a particular application using various sheet metal fabrication techniques. Whether we need to create items such as glove-box enclosures, side-steps, door-handle mounts or steel surrounds for tail-lift doors, we work hand-in-hand with emergency & private-sector vehicle suppliers, to ensure that safety is paramount.

Bridges and Platforms

In addition to metal surfaces, railings and security walls, many bridges also feature metal fabricated surfaces. Platforms that are used by workers to access high areas such as signs and advertisements are typically fabricated from steel. Safety rails on building sites which are used throughout that industry, alongside ladder hatch trap doors & stair-safe products can all be used to great effect to protect employees.



Metal grating for pedestrian traffic is a common use of sheet metal fabrication, as it helps to make walkways safe for anybody travelling by foot. What’s more, by creating sturdy, uniform surfaces for public use, we can help our customers to improve accessibility and ensure that pedestrians are staying safe wherever possible. Often, pedestrian walkways use bar grating, while industrial settings use diamond safety grating. Slip-resistant surfaces allow pedestrians to walk securely on stairways, on walkable bridges, rooftops, docks and wherever else metal walkways may be applied. Our team is always on hand to help you get the right kind of design and choose the best material for hard-wearing applications.

Railings and Handholds

Another application of sheet metal fabrications is the creation of railings and handholds for industrial, commercial and consumer use. Using CNC bending machines and metal folding techniques, we can create both bespoke and batch production lines of railings and handholds to comply with the relevant regulations and keep users safe.

Public Transit

The use of custom sheet metal structures in airports, train stations, railways, bus stations and other locations where mass transit is required keeps these areas safe for large numbers of people. When an accident occurs in densely populated areas, dozens or even hundreds of people can be affected. By utilising high-quality, hard-wearing metal fabrications, public transit providers can improve their efficiency and safety for years to come.

Of course, these are only a few of the many uses of sheet metal fabrications in the transportation sector and we can help you to create a huge range of products and parts that help to improve the safety and efficiency of businesses in this industry.

Working with Salamander Fabrications

Working in the transportation sector, Salamander Fabrications has built strong relationships with clients for over 50 years. During this time, we’ve developed products and services to help meet the unique needs of this sector and delivered thousands of unique and batch-produced products that exceed our customer’s expectations. Our focus is not only on delivering quality products to our customers, but we also understand the importance of quality service and transparency within every project we work on. Because of this, our team members are always honest, responsive, proactive, and communicative to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible.

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