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At Salamander Fabrications, we make it our mission to understand the needs of our customers and their sheet metal requirements in order to offer the highest quality service we can. Established in Huddersfield in 1968, we’ve been growing and developing to offer the best possible service and quality products to our customers. Today we’re one of the most reliable and trusted organisations in the sheet metal fabrication sector, working within a wide range of sectors.

We pride ourselves on being an end-to-end sheet metal fabrication company with a wide range of services including Solidworks 3D CAD/CAM design, Laser cutting, CNC Punching, CNC Press Brake Folding, Mig & Tig Welding in a variety of metals, Electro Mechanical Assembly, Powder Coating & Finishing.

From our home in Yorkshire, we are sheet metal fabricators with a passion for precision sheet metalwork and quality in the products we create. All of our work is done right here in the UK, with our friendly in-house team working on every stage of your project. We know the importance of understanding your needs and the requirements of your project and take the time to make sure we get everything right the first time. With over 50 years of experience and an expert team on our side providing end to end sheet metal services, it’s easy to see why we’re the UK’s preferred choice for fabrication solutions.

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What do I need to know about sheet metal fabrication?

For over 50 years we’ve been utilising sheet metal fabrication techniques to create strong, durable products that last a lifetime. In the broadest sense, sheet metal fabrication is just the process of taking metal sheets – mild steel, stainless steel, yellow metals (excluding gold) and aluminiums, to name a few – and turning them into practical, designed objects that can be used in the real world across a wide range of sectors and industries.

There are several different steps within the sheet metal fabrication process, including:


This is the first step in the creation of metal products, where we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create a design based on their requirements. We can also work with existing designs. Our design process, using a 3D modelling software package, allows us to really understand the customer requirements and ensure we’re creating a product that is fit for purpose.


Accurately and efficiently programming a design into the CNC machining tools to create the products and parts we do is a vital stage of the process. With decades of experience and a commitment to always growing, developing and innovating in line with new technologies in the industry, our customers trust us to get the best and most cost-effective results.


We use laser cutting technology to precisely and easily cut sheets of steel, aluminium, or a range of yellow metals into the component parts laid out at the design and programming stage.


CNC punching machines accurately add in perforations or forms to metal pieces to improve efficiency and enhance the design.


Bending sheets of metal, sometimes known as CNC folding or CNC press braking, creates pressed forms, resulting in products that are fit for purpose, accurate, and repeatable.


We utilise a range of detailed welding techniques including spot welding, mig and tig welding, as well as robot welding, to create the best possible results for our customers. We also have a responsible welding coordinator onsite.


Depending on the type of project we’ve undertaken, the assembly stage can be very quick and simple, or require complex assemblies, including wiring and electrical testing before the product can be completed and delivered to the customer. We offer a wide range of assembly services to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their products, and use our expert knowledge to pick the right assembly options for every project.

Powder coating and finishing

The final step of some sheet metal fabrication projects is powder coating or finishing. Our internal service includes powder coating which is the process of applying an electrostatic powder to the metal components of the fabrication and then curing at high heat to create a durable, strong coating that protects the metal from scratches, marks, scuffs and corrosion, as well as providing aesthetic appeal. We work closely with a number of suppliers to offer high-quality finishing services.

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At Salamander Fabrications, we are able to offer all of these services in-house, without our clients needing to take any stage of the metal fabrication process to another company in the UK or overseas. As an end-to-end service provider, we’re able to take on a huge variety of projects, and work with a range of trusted, expert partner organisations to provide a full service for both metal fabrication projects and multi-material projects.

At Salamander, we pride ourselves on our ability to create high-quality, professionally made products with an expert degree of precision, all turned around quickly and efficiently.

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Our Techniques

CAD Design

Creating efficient, functional and fit-for-purpose designs which are aligned with our manufacturing capabilities.

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Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Cutting

Clean, precise and fast laser cutting services with the most high-end, modern machinery, including a fully automated warehouse storage system.

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Expert and quality welding for the best possible end-product.

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Flexible services that make sense for your project.

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Press Brakes / Metal Folding

Carried out by experts right here in the UK.

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Powder Coating

Protect and finish your project with longevity in mind.

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Electro-Mechancial Assembly

Building your projects to precise specifications, made simple.

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Industries we work with

Our team and service are always flexible to the needs of our customers, so we’re able to work with almost any sector that needs sheet metal products designed and built.

People are using metal touch screen kiosks in a popular fast food establishment.

Kiosk, Vending & Enclosures

Sheet metal fabrication services for kiosks, vending machines and enclosures can include a range of products, from ticket machines, customer service kiosks, digital displays and display units, to vending machines, coffee machines, water stations, lockers and storage facilities, and much more. Our quality manufacturing process means that not only are the parts and products we produce high-quality, they also have great longevity and are exceptionally strong and fit for purpose. We can carry out a variety of complex assemblies, which are often needed when integrating with electrical functions too, as we offer a completely end-to-end metal fabrication solution.

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Construction & Security

Safety, precision and durability are absolutely paramount in the construction and security industries. Working with Salamander Fabrications means that you can feel confident you’ll be getting a high-quality product, designed and manufactured by experts in the field. This allows us to offer a quick turnaround and brilliant results that you can rely on for years to come. As an all-encompassing metal fabrication solution provider, we carry out all of our fabrication in-house and work with trusted partners to deliver a quality end product, which is one of the many reasons we are among the UK’s most trusted teams in the industry.

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Retail & Leisure

When it comes to creating products that are to be seen and used by both internal teams and the public – such as those needed by the retail and leisure sector – they need to be safe, durable and perfectly functional. We’ve carried out a wide variety of different projects for the retail and leisure sectors, including communal workstations, reception desks, POS and unique product displays, and petrol forecourt fabrications, to name just a few.

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Science & Food

Working closely with our clients to create products that work perfectly is what we’re passionate about here at Salamander Fabrications. We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients in the science, food, agriculture and research sectors to create advanced sheet metal fabrications that fit their needs perfectly and improve the lives of their customers. Our team understands the needs of these industries when it comes to the design process and specialised, commercial-grade RA finishes. We also offer specialist welding and stainless steel finishing services, with our specialist welding supervisor onsite.

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As well as in-depth work with the rail sector, we’ve carried out a range of projects across the transportation industry as a whole.

From trucks and emergency service vehicles to passenger transport, mass transit and commercial vehicles we can help to create long-lasting products that keep our transportation customers moving every day of the year.

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Working with these sectors and with many other organisations has given us substantial experience, knowledge and understanding of the needs of so many of our customers and as a result, we can help advise and guide you should you need help.

To find out more about Salamander Fabrications and the work we do or to see how we can help with your next project, please contact sales@salamanderfabs.com or call to speak to a member of our Sales Team on 01484 843599, and we’ll be happy to help.

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