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Kiosks, Vending & Enclosures

Salamander in the Kiosks, Vending & Enclosures Sector

Kiosks, vending machines and enclosures are very popular applications for sheet metal fabrication. There are a huge number of individual components that go into building these types of machines and extensive electromechanical assembly operations that require expert skills. At Salamander, we are highly experienced in creating high-quality products for providers of kiosks, vending machines and enclosures and our team of specialists are always on hand to help our customers create long-lasting solutions through sheet metal fabrication.


Working with Salamander Fabrications

At Salamander Fabrications we’ve been working in the sheet metal industry for more than 50 years. We carry out every stage of our work at our Huddersfield-based facility where our team of expert metal fabricators work with a range of different machining processes and techniques to provide our customers with products that are perfect for them.

To learn more about the work we carry out, take a look at some of our previous projects or get in touch with our experienced sales team on 01484 843599!

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Choosing Salamander Fabrications as your Kiosk Manufacturers

At Salamander, we are exceptionally proud of the wide range of products and services that we are able to offer to our customers. Kiosks and self-service units have been growing in popularity in recent years and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased demand for contactless/self-service options on behalf of consumers. Advanced kiosks, interactive kiosks and self-service kiosks need to be practical for both companies and consumers, as well as being easy to assemble, long-lasting, versatile and simple to use.

Kiosks can be used for many different purposes; however, to create touchscreen or interactive kiosks wiring, welding and electronic components are required. These can be added after the main structure of the kiosk is built, or they can be fully integrated into the body of the project through the use of electromechanical assembly.

Electromechanical assembly is usually one of the final stages of a sheet metal fabrication project. It requires expert care and attention to detail to ensure that all the relevant components are installed accurately and safely.

The electromechanical assembly process involves combining electrical and mechanical components to power different systems. The process involves a variety of disciplines, from the initial design and installation of the components to carrying out testing and ensuring the safety of the electronics in any specific project – our team of technicians can assist in both the design and integration of mechanical and electrical equipment. Whether you are looking for parts or components Salamander’s in-house team is able to source them for you and our assembly service is tailored to meet the varying needs of every customer. No matter the size of the project, we use reliable and robust machinery to provide a complete assembly process; as such, we guarantee an efficient build of high-quality products every time.

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Vending Machine Manufacturers in the UK

Vending machines are an important channel of income for many customer-facing companies, including retail and leisure organisations such as:

  • Shops and shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Leisure centres
  • Offices and co-working spaces
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Bus stations and transport hubs
  • Schools and colleges

Working with our clients in the vending industry has given us extensive experience in creating bespoke designs and fabrications that work perfectly for each of our customers. Whatever your requirements are, we have the machinery to meet them.

Whether you require parts for cold drink machines, food vending machines, or even water dispensers, our team can advise you on the right materials, designs and processes to build the best quality machinery for your needs.

Creating Sheet Metal Products for Kiosk, Vending and Enclosure Customers

At Salamander, we can operate as a subcontractor to provide the necessary components and services for other companies, or we can handle the entire fabrication process in-house.

While every project is slightly different, the sheet metal fabrication process has a few key stages that are applicable to the majority of projects.

Sheet metal fabrication often begins with CAD 3D design of your product. In addition to offering this as a service, Salamander works closely with our clients to ensure that the final product conforms precisely to their specifications. Our team is highly adept at using the latest sheet metal design software packages, including Radan and Solidworks. Using CAD/CAM design also means that we are able to quickly and easily programme our CNC machinery to carry out precise work in line with the original design specifications.

The next stage of the metal fabrication process is often laser cutting. At Salamander, we use a Bystronic BySprint Fibre Laser Cutter, a system that provides greater speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

After the metal has been cut, it is then punched and folded using CNC punching and folding machinery to create angles, divots, textures, creases and joints. CNC punching is available for short to medium run lengths of sheet metal, the working area of which is 3000mm x 1500mm.

In addition, we have four CNC press brakes, including one with a 4.2-metre bed and a 180-ton capacity. We can accomplish effective results through the use of a wide range of tools and toolsets to produce highly accurate results.

Finally, we carry out welding, electromechanical assembly and metal powder coating (if required) to finish our products. Electromechanical assembly is particularly important for customers in the kiosk & vending sectors due to the complexity of the electrical components often required in these types of projects.

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