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How Sheet Metal Fabrication Can Help to Build Bespoke Retail Displays

There is a huge amount of thought, care and consideration that goes into creating visual merchandising and product displays in the retail sector. As well as being easy for team members to move, install and interact with, they also need to be eye-catching and highly functional for customers as well. It can often be difficult for businesses to find a service that allows them to design bespoke, attention-grabbing, bold displays that not only make sense for their needs but are also affordable, high-quality, durable and can be quickly and easily replicated.

We can help to create a wide range of retail display units for different retail clients, retail spaces and shop displays, including:

  • Featured product displays
  • Bar displays
  • Portable displays
  • Retail display stands
  • Retail display cubes
  • Point-of-sale stands and displays

At Salamander we work closely with our customers in the retail sector in order to help carry out custom design projects.

When it comes to material options, sheet metal fabrications are an excellent option as they can be powder coated at the end of the process in a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes. We are able to incorporate brand colours into the majority of our finished products to ensure that your shop floor is a fully immersive experience for your customers.

Using CAD & CAM design technologies, our team can help to create custom displays that show off your featured products and services, assist customers and make life easier for your staff. By incorporating 2D and 3D design capabilities, both our team and our clients are able to visualise and understand the end product before it is created. CAD/CAM design also allows us to program our machinery to the highest level of precision, resulting in a quality product every time.

Fabrication Projects in the Leisure Sector

The leisure sector has an exceptionally diverse range of needs and requirements based on many different factors, which is why sheet metal fabrication projects are commonplace for companies in this industry. Sheet metal fabrication is a highly flexible method for producing hard-wearing, high-quality products and it can easily be tailored to a wide range of unique specifications.

The majority of sheet metal fabrications, particularly in the leisure sector, are made with stainless steel or aluminium sheets. Stainless steel or rolled steel is better suited for long-term installations, products that are load-bearing or indoor applications where they won’t be exposed to the elements. Aluminium is much lighter than steel, which makes it far better suited for structures that may need to be moved around a lot. The team at Salamander Fabrications are highly skilled at helping you choose the right materials for your project, including deciding between aluminium, stainless steel and a range of other metals and materials.

For the retail and leisure sectors, sheet metal fabrications are also ideal as they are highly weather resistant, due to the coating that can be applied post-fabrication. This helps to prevent corrosion and improves UV resistance to help make the fabrications more durable. For applications in the leisure industry, particularly outdoor applications, there is a very strong need for hard-wearing, weather-resistant material that lasts for many years without damage.

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Working with Salamander Fabrications

When you work with Salamander Fabrications on your next project, you can be assured that it will be undertaken by an experienced team of fabricators that have a wealth of industry knowledge, including the specific needs of retail and leisure clients. Our team is based at our Huddersfield facility, where we’ve been working for more than 50 years across an impressive range of commercial projects both locally and nationwide.

Over the past 50 years, Salamander Fabrications has offered clients in the retail and leisure sectors a wide range of sheet metal fabrication solutions and general engineering solutions that are tailor-made to meet their individual requirements. Our company is located in Huddersfield and works with businesses throughout the UK.

We use our skills, experience, passion and expertise in the metal industry to help the businesses we work with reach their goals. While we know that delivering quality products to our customers is the bottom line, we also understand the importance of exceptional customer service. All of our team are committed to providing a fantastic customer experience which we do by always being honest, upfront, communicative and proactive. You’ll be kept up to date on your project every step of the way making it simple to work with Salamander.

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