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What Are the Advantages of Laser Cutting?

If you’re considering utilising a custom laser cutting service you might be wondering what the advantages of laser cutting are compared to other methods. When choosing a manufacturing service you want to make sure you’re choosing the right process for you. 

At Salamander Fabrications, we’re dedicated to ensuring customers receive the best service and highest quality products. In this blog, we’ll explore how laser cutting works and what are the advantages of laser cutting.

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How Does Laser Cutting Work?

Laser cutting is a relatively modern but extremely popular method of cutting materials. The process involves using powerful laser beams to burn through or melt materials into a desired shape. 

Typically there are four types of lasers used in laser cutting. Once the laser cuts into a material, gas is blasted onto the heated area, causing the cut to cool and the material to retain its shape as the laser continues cutting through the material.

Laser cutting is a technique used in a wide range of industries from construction to electronics, engineering and even clothing. 

Laser Cutting Advantages

Now you have a basic understanding of how this machine works, it’s time to dive into the main advantages of laser cutting.

Accurate and Precise

Laser cutters have a very fine beam that cuts with extreme precision and accuracy. This allows intricate designs and small details to be cut with minimal errors. A laser cutter has such a high focus it can create cuts at 25 microns which equates to a ¼ of the width of a single human hair!


Powerful enough to cut a range of materials whilst still maintaining accuracy. You can use a laser cutter on most materials including metal, wood, glass plastic and even some fabrics. This makes laser cutters a great choice for use during sheet metal fabrication and a range of other projects. 

The versatility of this machine eliminates the need to purchase a range of cutting tools and therefore saves money. 

Quality Finish

Due to the high precision of a laser cutter, the cutting process is smooth and there is no need for any additional finishing processes like sanding, smoothing etc. Because the laser is so precise, the integrity of the material you are cutting remains intact and without any burrs. 

Quick and Efficient 

A laser cutter is an extremely fast cutting tool compared to traditional methods like water or flame cutting, with the ability to have a full piece finished in minutes. The machine’s work rate allows for more efficient working and higher production rates. 

Reduced Waste

Because a laser is precise when cutting compared to other methods like manual cutting, there is a reduction in the amount of material waste that typically occurs from things like sawing. This means that in turn you’re able to save material and reduce material costs.

Cost Effective 

A laser cutter is an expensive investment initially but the benefits and savings outweigh this cost in the long run. The speed of a laser cutter means faster production at higher volumes whilst the reduced material waste means money is saved purchasing materials.

The automated machine also removes the need for manual labour costs. All of these elements lead to an overall reduction in costs in the long term. 


One of the reasons a laser machine is so versatile is due to its capacity for automation. These machines can be programmed to repeatedly cut the same shape without having to stop or adjust any settings. This means that they’re ideal for larger manufacturers and mass production. 

This doesn’t mean that laser cutters can’t be used in smaller settings however, and many small businesses utilise smaller models to create custom engravings, and cuttings. 

CAD Compatible 

Laser cutting is one of the more advanced forms of cutting as the process is operated by computers. The lasers are programmed to cut a certain shape, and CAD design services can be used to create custom and intricate designs that the laser can then directly cut.

This is a faster and less cumbersome process compared to manual carving, etching or sawing designs into a material.

Cutting Depth 

A laser cutter can reach depths of around 12mm, with a standard C02 cutter reaching depths of 10mm. This means lasers are a diverse method that can easily cut through thin metal sheets easily and quickly as well as thicker sheets if needed.


Laser cutters come with an enclosure and automated safety features to reduce the risk of damage or accidents from interacting with the laser beam. The automated nature of laser machines also means there is a reduced chance of injury to workers as there is no need for manual handling. 

Multi-Axis Cutting

Unlike manual or traditional cutting methods, laser cutting can perform cuts that create 3D shapes and complex designs too intricate for processes like cutting by hand. 


Laser cutters can be scaled to any size so it is easy to create smaller prototypes and large-volume mass-produced pieces with the same machine. This is ideal for companies that need to test their products before they are put on the production line.

Why Choose Laser Cutting with Salamander Fabrications?

From speed to accuracy, the overwhelming benefits laser cutting offers are impossible to ignore. When you choose Salamander Fabrication for your laser cutting, you’ll be utilising industry experts and the most advanced technology on the market. 

We’re devoted to ensuring only the finest quality cutting with our two bystronic lasers allowing for fast turnaround and cost-effective rates for our customers. If you want to kickstart your custom-cutting project, get in touch with our team today

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