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Welcoming Our New Rail Specialist

With over 50 years’ experience in sheet metal fabrication, Salamander is always looking out for new opportunities and greater expertise. As a result, we’re extremely excited to announce the appointment of expert-rail-consultant Phil Brown, who is working to bolster our stance within the transport sector and secure large-scale projects. Here, we introduce Phil and discuss his thoughts on joining the Salamander family.

Who is our latest appointment?

Our new consultant, Phil Brown is a highly qualified sales director with more than 30 years’ experience in the UK rail and automotive industries. Having worked with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 companies, SMEs and trade associations, Phil has held senior positions and helped various businesses achieve their targets.

With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Phil is poised to create new client relationships and secure business opportunities for Salamander within the rail industry.

What are our plans for the future?

After being awarded EN15085-2 rail certification, we are now able to bid for bigger and better contracts within the rail industry, providing new parts for vehicles throughout the UK and Europe. We have brought Phil onboard to open doors to these high-profile projects, and steer us in the right direction.

Phil is passionate about SME and joined us on a consultancy basis because he believed we had “an ambitious workforce that has embraced innovative ways in how to provide an even better customer experience – you only have to look at its range of automated technology to understand that fact. Rail will be a huge growth area for the firm and I’m looking forward to educating the team further so employees can build on their skillset and knowledge.”

Having already collaborated on a tender for an exciting contract that we’ll hopefully hear about in early 2021, we have no doubt that Phil will continue to help us achieve our goals within the transport industry.

If you have a sheet metal project, or would like to learn more about our capabilities for the rail industry and other sectors, get in touch and speak to an expert.

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