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Stainless Steel in Medical Field | Salamander Fabrications

Thanks to its unrivalled strength, resistance to corrosion and minimal maintenance, stainless steel is an extremely competent material widely used in the medical field. And because of the significance of its usage, there’s a requirement for a rigid design and fabrication process.

Here we discuss where you’ll find stainless steel in healthcare and pharmaceutical settings and consider the processes required to manufacture stainless steel medical furniture and equipment with such precision.

Why stainless steel is a versatile solution

With such high levels of sanitation and cleanliness required in medical settings, it’s little wonder stainless steel is the metal of choice for most equipment found there. In fact, it now plays a crucial role in the modern hospital. As well as being found in the make-up of beds, wheelchairs and handrails, stainless steel is ideal for cannulas, MRI scanners and sterilisable surgical instruments. Plus, it’s also used in surgical implants as well as replacement joints like hips.

Stainless steel won’t deteriorate or corrode when exposed to the extreme temperatures often found in surgical procedures and sterilisation methods. It has low yield strength so it’s easily manipulated into complex shapes extending its uses even further. In such a hygienic setting with stringent requirements, stainless steel provides a rust-proof, recyclable solution with antibacterial properties.

Medical equipment in the manufacturing industry

Sheet metal fabrication is a valuable process for the medical sector – precision, accuracy and innovative technology combine to produce the highest-quality equipment. Combining traditional techniques with the latest software and advanced machinery, sheet metal fabrication aids the medical industry with precision manufacturing and efficient turnaround times.

Laser cutting machines are also commonly used within the sector because of their scope for precision and high-volume production. Where intricate life-saving equipment is of vital importance, laser cutting enables extremely fine and precise cuts needed for medical devices in surgeries.

Salamander offers both services in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors – and many others – using the very latest technology.

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