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Salamander’s Offering Just Got More Extensive | Salamander

Salamander has always prided itself on being adaptable and flexible, frequently working with new clients in an array of sectors. Naturally, this has made our 50 years’ experience in sheet metal fabrication all the more valuable as we have constantly challenged ourselves.

Recently, we’ve worked behind the scenes to produce a brand-new brochure, fully highlighting our services, sectors and plans for the future. It’s been a long-time in the making, but as all business-leaders will know, sometimes you have to put yourself second to continue producing high-quality results for your clients.

Now, we’re delighted to offer our new brochure as an accessible download for everyone. 

Expanding our services

Over the last 12 months, we’ve invested over £1.3 million in automated technologies to increase our efficiency and enhance our services. While our brochure contains more detailed information around our wider capabilities, many of our services have directly and quickly benefitted from these new, state-of-the-art technologies.


Working closely with clients, our dedicated team uses the latest Computer-Aided Designs (CAD) technologies to digitise designs and create intricate and repeatable 2D and 3D products.

Laser cutting

Our two Bystronic laser cutters are able to run 24/7 and connect to our automated warehouse in order to work around the clock to meet tight deadlines and meet high demand for projects requiring laser cutting. Our advanced software and technology allows us to rapidly produce designs which can be manufactured efficiently and accurately. 

Project management

We can offer a truly end-to-end service for our customers with direct contact from the design stage all the way to after sales. Our investment in our internal processes and upskilling staff allows us to continuously improve our customer communications and project management operations.  

Getting on track for the rail sector

We’re proud to work with a wide selection of industries, including science and medical, transport, and security and construction, and more. Now, having achieved EN 15085-2 certification, Salamander is working hard to become a leading manufacturer for the rail sector, recently joining Rail Forum Midlands and appointing industry-expert Phil Brown as a dedicated consultant.

The rail sector is an integral part of British history and demands the very best from its manufacturers. We work closely with contractors and frequently discuss projects with the biggest buyers in the industry to fully understand the critical requirements of the parts we produce.

We’re excited to continue building our portfolio in a range of sectors and diversifying our offering to meet ever-changing demands. With our new brochure, we hope to better demonstrate our versatility, innovative culture and drive new and exciting opportunities. Download our brochure and learn more about how Salamander Fabrications could help your business and project.

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