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Salamander Achieve Double Accreditations

Salamander is dedicated to making sure it remains at the forefront of the manufacturing industry and strives to stay up to date with the most recent software, training and audits. The business recently underwent a series of audits from the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO). These included the ISO 9001 Quality Standards audit & the 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS).

So, what is ISO 9001 & 18001 OHSAS and what did we have to do as a business to meet the standards? Find out below in an outlined overview of each audit along with what the business did specifically to meet the requirements.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 is the recognised international standard that specifies requirements for a robust quality management system (QMS). Salamander uses the accreditation to demonstrate a high level of ability to consistently provide end products that always meet customers’ needs, alongside regulatory requirements.

There were various inputs required for this audit, including:

  • Providing customer feedback
  • Quality checking process steps
  • Process performance and product conformity
  • Follow up actions from previous reviews
  • Recommendations for improvements

There were many other factors involved, including the whole Salamander team working together in order to make this an achievable goal.

18001 OHSAS

This series has provided Salamander with major elements of effective health and safety management, which the business has integrated with our current management system. This in turn enables us to achieve better occupational health and safety (H&S) performance and economic objectives.

A few of the steps that were put in place in order to achieve this standard were:

  • Compared existing H&S policies against the OHSAS 18001 requirements.
  • Putting in place further policies, procedures and controls to ensure high levels of H&S at all times.
  • Staff and customer feedback on current Health & Safety regulations
  • Putting plans in place to regularly review the OHSAS 18001 system and implement continuous improvements.

This year, the ISO 45001 has been released which is the next phase of this standard that we will be looking at achieving within the next three years.

The Salamander team once again pulled together fantastically in order for the business to achieve this well sought-after working standard. We are happy to announce that we managed to achieve both and are now looking towards any additional audits that Salamander can carry out in order to improve all areas of the business.

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