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How Partnering With Biofresh Keeps People Safe | Salamander

We recently announced we’ve joined forces with Biofresh to supply products to eradicate harmful bacteria – and we couldn’t be more excited about the partnership.

Biofresh, a market leader in room sanitation and odour removal, has had to increase its product offering. The company has led the way in chemical-free treatments for the fresh produce industry since it was established in 2003 – modifying the atmosphere in food storage facilities, preventing mould and bacteria via a safe substance called Ozone.

But the COVID-19 outbreak has seen the firm receive a real increase in requests – from all sectors – for the immediate supply of its sanitation products to help stop the virus’ spread. Biofresh reached out to us in need of immediate supply of metal boxes suitable for a range of facilities. The units would store and release high levels of Ozone safely.

We’ve helped the firm meet demand – Biofresh previously received up to 300 enquiries a year for the boxes. However, it’s now taking orders for around 250 a month and supplying to the UK, Italy and France.

Jeremy Barraclough, director of operations at Biofresh, explained: “Our focus had always been on fresh produce storage – it’s what our business was built on. But we were getting so many requests for our sanitisation products that demand for our supplies were going through the roof,” said Jeremy Barraclough, director of operations at Biofresh.

“Being based in Huddersfield, we needed a local supplier that could meet this vast interest. We required help to turn these boxes around swiftly and to a professional, high-quality standard – and that’s when we were introduced to Salamander.”

And our services for Biofresh haven’t stopped there. After the initial provision of the boxes, we also began to produce cabinets that sanitise clothes – they were distributed to 38 UK go-karting facilities to allow for frequent cleaning of helmets and overalls.   

What’s next for the partnership?

It’s great news for Salamander and Biofresh’s collaboration. We’re about to supply cabinets to schools and libraries for book returns. Currently, books must be quarantined for 72 hours before they can be read again. But Biofresh’s product allows them to be safely back on the shelf within 15-30 minutes of their being returned.

Our managing director Michael Haskell said: “This is such an exciting project to be a part of and just goes to show how swift evolution – and the ability to diversify product offerings even during the toughest climates – can really help to meet current customer demand.

It’s been a whirlwind since we first started only a few months ago, but Biofresh’s forward-thinking ambitions match ours, so there is so much more to come. We’re keen to help even more premises to stop the spread of harmful bacteria.”

Watch this space…

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