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How Is CAD Used in Bespoke Metal Fabrication?

CAD is an essential technique used in our bespoke metal fabrication process here at Salamander Fabrications. 

CAD allows for careful planning of a wide range of requests or concepts you may have, providing a visual construction of your finished product before we start production! Perfect for your sheet metal projects to be brought to life with our expert CAD technology!

Since you’re here, you may be wondering “how is CAD used in bespoke metal fabrication?” Prepare to have your questions answered as we’re here to solve all your queries! 

Get in touch with our expert team today if you’d like to know more about how we use CAD in our fabrication process to give you the best quality from our sheet metals- we’d love to hear from you! 

What is CAD?

CAD stands for computer aided design, and for us is often the first stage of the fabrication process. CAD technology maps out a plan for what we need to build and how to get your sheet metals to that stage. Any of your bespoke metalwork can be planned, modelled and viewed with either 2D or 3D technology. 

As well as being an effective method of design, CAD ensures precision for your fabrication needs and allows us to deliver the same quality service our team are known for.

CAD is integral in providing a visual picture of your bespoke metal fabrication as the computer software creates a 2D or 3D image that maps out the shape and dimensions of whatever metal sheet products you desire. This advanced technology can turn your idea into a reality!

Our expert CAD designers ensure you have quality products with a top-notch appearance and careful planning behind them, not to mention the added bonus of cost-effectiveness that CAD can add to your projects. 

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is the process that transforms raw metal sheets into your desired shape and design. Our extensive specialist skill-set means we can execute your bespoke metal designs to the highest quality- whatever you need, we can create it! 

Adapting our models to create entirely new and bespoke designs for our customers is at the heart of what we do, and CAD technology is a tool that we can use to effectively turn your concepts into concrete designs. 

Bespoke metal fabrication means we can create a wide range of products that fit whatever you’re looking for, combining and shaping separate metal components to form the end product. The possibilities are endless with sheet metal fabrication, allowing for any unique and custom-made designs. 

How CAD Is Used For Bespoke Metal Fabrication

In addition to creating 3D designs product visualisations, CAD can also be used to move projects from design into fabrication. Instead of having to manually convert the design, CAD technology automatically creates a plan that manufacturing tools and CNC machines can read and then execute. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

A range of different computer programmes are used so that your bespoke designs can be made as accurately, effectively and quickly as possible. Not only does CAD include graphics of the desired objects, but also the technical information necessary to nail the precision of your bespoke products. 

One of the key reasons that CAD is essential for bespoke metal fabrications is its ability to create increasingly precise designs. Nothing is off the table for CAD design! 

We work closely with our clients to ensure a design is created based on their wants and needs. Products that are fit for purpose are guaranteed with our CAD technology, and bespoke designs have never been easier to obtain. 


What are the 3 types of metal fabrication?

The three main types of metal fabrication are considered to be cutting, welding and assembling. Our processes also include custom laser cutting, press bakes / metal folding and finally electro mechanical assembly to achieve an outstanding final product. 

Is metal fabrication in demand? 

Currently, metal fabrication continues to be in high demand as clients seek out bespoke metal fabrications. The advancements in technology that make the fabrication processes efficient and cost-effective have allowed for a wider range of possibilities that can meet your unique requirements and specific design ideas. 

What is the future of metal fabrication?

There is certainly a bright future ahead for metal fabrication! The industry is expected to grow into 2024- new trends of 2023 have already propelled it forwards, and the unstoppable advances in technology are opening up many new doors for metal fabrication possibilities.

Various sectors that have continuous demand for metal fabrication indicate a secure and developing future. In fact, the metal fabrication market size is expected to reach a value of $473.7 billion by the end of 2031!

Choosing Us For Your Bespoke Metal Fabrication

Choosing Salamander Fabrications for your bespoke metal fabrication guarantees you high-quality, cost-efficient products with exceptional customer service at the very forefront of our business! Choosing us means choosing intelligent, up to date CAD technology that delivers precision for whatever design you have in mind.

Contact us by phone at 01484 843599 or email You can even browse our recent projects  to see first-hand what our processes can produce.

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