By Embryo

Fire Marshal Training at Salamander

Salamander recently conducted some fire marshal training for 7 of its employees from different areas of the business. It is imperative for all organisations who employ staff to have at least one fire marshal on hand at all times, although more may be necessary for larger businesses – hence why we thought it wise to deploy 7 of the Salamander team to undergo the fire marshal training.

The aim of the course was to highlight the importance of fire safety procedures at Salamander and the importance of structural fire protection. To provide an understanding of how fire starts and spreads and the different types of extinguishers and their use. All participants also took part in the practical use of the different types of fire extinguishers.

At Salamander we believe in the safety of all of our employees and always strive to make sure we are raising the standards when it comes to health, safety & all other kinds of training throughout the business. We are dedicated to ensuring all premises are safe & secure at all times.  

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